All the times I’ve been a victim of theft

I just got talking with a friend about all the times someone has stolen something from me*.

There’s been lots of times. It’s been happening more or less since the day I was born.

This is all the stuff I used to own bits of and which my parents and grandparents paid into for me, and some of which I was paying into when I turned 16, which I don’t have any more. Lots of these things are now making lots and lots of money for the people who took them off me.


I *know* this is a really simplistic break down of privatisation and nationalisation, but this is actually fairly black and white. It’s been nicked off us.

And everyone talks about privatisation like it’s inevitable, like it has to happen? But answer me a few things: if nationalised, publicly-owned industries are such a terrible thing, why were there so many of them – and why were they in a good enough state for private individuals to want to buy them?

If George Osborne hates publicly-owned things so much, thinks they were such a waste of time and money, that they were so inefficient, why would he hand them over to the guy who was best man at his wedding? 

(List courtesy of Wikipedia).

*Our lunches are really fun, I promise.


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