#womensmarch: What to do next

If there was one thing that I'll remember more than the fervent, angry, joyous chanting at yesterday's march, it was something being said quietly. In between shouts and whoops, the women and men marching yesterday would turn to each other in almost wordless amazement. "It gives you hope, doesn't it?" "Ahhh... this is all so... … Continue reading #womensmarch: What to do next

Activists: What the hell we do in 2017

I don't know¬† a single person who isn't glad to see the back of 2016. This is mainly because I deliberately avoid knowing a) racists b) fascists or c) people who don't recognise the inherent brilliance of David Bowie and Caroline Aherne. Brexit. Trump. Jo Cox being murdered by a Nazi. Syria. The inexplicable existence … Continue reading Activists: What the hell we do in 2017