About This Blog

The fourth wave of feminism has been the most inclusive one ever – or it’s tried to be. Intersectionality is pretty much taken as a given if you’re anywhere near a nice person. A movement previously dominated by upper class white women now includes the previously marginalised voices of women of colour, sex workers, transwomen, LGBTQ women and women with disabilities It’s not perfect, not yet, but things are afoot which means those voices are being heard more than ever. And so they should be.

When it comes to class, however, it’s a different story. While other marginalised groups are getting a justly deserved space, poor women are still hugely under-represented within feminism. Our Twitter spats, our London-centrice events, our verbose broadsheet articles and our theory-heavy background rarely include the voices of working women, or seek to consider them.


This blog is going to be a (slapdash) attempt to look at feminist issues from a working class POV. It will also occasionally look at issues which are purely working class ones, because they don’t get talked about often enough, basically. It’s gonna be unashamedly pro welfare state, proudly anti Tory, and unapologetically socialist.

I’m also going to write about working-class heroines who have done more for feminism than most people realise. Whilst Wollstonecraft, the Pankhursts and Mrs Fawcett all did tremendous things for feminism, the first feminist gatherings were in fact working class ones, and feminism and socialism went hand in hand for a good long while until a few world wars came and ruined everything.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


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